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About Us

Humble Beginnings.
Incredible Finishes.

Fearless Decorating Company in Solihull, The Midlands

OPUS is a financially robust & progressive company and has been since founder Justin Clark launched the venture with a tiny local paper ad in 2006.

A time served signwriter, he was determined to build the most comprehensive, able and fearless decorating company in the Midlands.

So he strategically took on a vast range of commercial and residential work in order to quickly and effectively build Opus’ reputation.

That reputation was immediately stellar and remains so to this day.

Based in Solihull, the firm is now the number one go-to call for dozens of firms across the Midlands and our workforce of highly trained decorators enjoy a variety of rewarding jobs that have made Opus staff the envy of the industry.

Yet despite all that we strive to achieve in our work, Opus remains a family firm at heart, dedicated to producing quality work and happy customers every single day.

It’s a policy that has served us well through our many triumphs and we’re confident that our sense of purpose and perfectionism will prove the perfect fit for any job you see fit to talk to us about.

As ever, we look forward to hearing from you on 0121 706 3125 or via or email on