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A Total Whitewash

Faced with perhaps the most Tango orange coloured building in the history of man, a freezing cold January and very little time, the idea of turning a factory into a pristine all white gem would have sent most other decorators running for the hills.

Tango orange coloured buildingWhen it became clear the building was also partially clad, partially metal and partially glazed and even a 40ft chimney and that a vast array of different types of paints and 2 part primers would be required, it might have appeared to many to be an insurmountable task.

Fortunately Opus is made of much sterner stuff.

Not only did our workforce attack the job with an epic enthusiasm and diligence and have our 3 scissors lifts yo-yoing up and down to make epic progress, they actually completed the whole task before the end of March deadline.

To a heroes ovation from our management.

It was cold though. Damned cold.